Most people probably believe that is primarily a bookseller.

What most people probably don’t know is that Amazon actually makes the majority of their income from fees charged to third party sellers.

I am one of those sellers. This book collects what I’ve learned over the course of three years selling on Amazon.

This is not a book about being an Amazon affiliate and directing traffic to them. This is about actually running a store on Amazon, where you either fulfill orders yourself or have Amazon fulfill them for you using FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). This is about things that I wish I’d known three years ago, and things that most Amazon sellers will probably never find out.

I’m not going to give you page after page of fluff; the Amazon book is a quick 16 pages of nothing but useful information and illustrative anecdotes, designed to get you going quickly. Not sure where to get shipping supplies? See the instructions on page 8. Wondering what the big deal is about being a featured seller? Check out my description on page 10 of how I get sales at $20 more than other sellers are asking for the same item.

I won’t give you a long sales letter, either; I hate those pages where you have to scroll down and down just to find out how much the product costs. I only ask that you take a look at this screenshot, showing three days worth of sales from the past holiday season:

Go ahead and click on the image for the full view. Again, notice that this is three days of sales. In my first three months running a full-blown Amazon business back in 2007, I took over 600 orders and made over eight grand in profit. This book is about how I did it, and it’s loaded with stuff that would have saved me thousands of dollars along the way. I’ve seen other Amazon ebooks from sellers who have a fraction of my sales offered for close to a hundred dollars; get the one that gives you what you really need for only $37. With the holiday season closing in on us, now is the time to get started; buy your copy today!

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PS. On the last page of the book is my email address. Got a question about something? You know where to find me.